Oct 21, 2014

TPO Begins St. Augustine Commercial Vehicle Truck Loading and Delivery Study

The City of St. Augustine and the North Florida TPO are developing a commercial delivery management plan that provides adequate travel routes and parking locations for commercial delivery vehicles, without negatively affecting visitor traffic, historic properties, congestion, noise and air pollution in St. Augustine.  A kickoff meeting will be held with the Parking and Traffic Committee at 10 a.m. October 28 in the Alcazar Room. 

The study will locate and analyze problem areas encompassing customer demand, routing issues, signage, time of day, regulations and loading zones.  Recommendations will include technology for managing urban freight and distribution in St. Augustine, such as smart parking, social media, websites or other ways of communicating loading zone availability.  The study will also recommend the required space, locations and regulations within the historic district for stopping with loading/delivery zones. 

The City’s regulations and policies will also be reviewed with changes recommended as needed concerning delivery zones, time of day, vehicle size, enforcement and other management approaches.  Recognizing regulations require enforcement, the study will recommend changes/needs and associated costs to implement the changes, enforce regulations and other management tools.
The critical locations being studied are:

• Orange Street between Cordova Street and Avenida Menendez
• Cordova Street between Cathedral Street and Orange Street
• Cathedral  Street between A1A and Cordova Street
• Charlotte Street between King Street and Avenida Menendez
• Spanish Street

The final report summarizing findings and recommendations will be completed in June 2015.  If you have any questions or comments regarding the study, please contact Terry Shaw at (904) 596-7983.