Jan 02, 2018

TPO Elects 2018 Officers

The North Florida TPO Board has elected its executive team through December 2018 who will assume their duties at the February meeting. Clay County Commissioner Diane Hutchings, who had been vice chairman, will replace Jacksonville City Council Member Doyle Carter as chairman; Nassau County Commissioner Danny Leeper is vice chair replacing Commissioner Hutchings; and St. Johns County Commissioner James K. Johns was elected treasurer replacing Commissioner Leeper. 

In addition, two TPO committees have elected their leadership for 2018. The Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) elected Ed Lehman, Clay County Planning Dept., chairman succeeding Phong Nguyen, St. Johns Planning Dept. Lehman had been vice chair.  Bill Killingsworth, Jacksonville Planning Dept. was elected vice chairman.  The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) re-elected Jim Hill, representing the Duval Southeast CPAC, as chairman and Richard Darby, long time CAC member, former CAC chairman and Clay County citizen, as vice chair.

The TCC is comprised of primarily planners and engineers representing various local governments within the TPO boundary who evaluate the technical sufficiency, accuracy and viability of proposed plans. The CAC is a volunteer body of residents and business people who review transportation plans from a community perspective.