Oct 14, 2016

TPO Receives Excellent Marks in Quadrennial Federal Certification

The North Florida Transportation Planning Organization has once again received federal quadrennial certification with praise for noteworthy practices and no corrective actions.  In presenting to the TPO Board Oct. 13, Shundreka Givan with the Federal Highway Administration, said, “The North Florida TPO is commended for the leadership and coordination throughout the region.“        

Federal law requires the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to jointly certify the transportation planning processes of Transportation Management Areas (TMAs) at least every four years.  A TMA is an urbanized area, as defined by the U.S. census, with a population exceeding 200,000.  A certification review generally consists of a site visit; a “desk audit” review of planning documents prior to the site visit; an FHWA/FTA certification report; and a certification review presentation to the TPO governing board.    

The final report identified noteworthy practices in the areas of air quality, freight planning, intelligent transportation systems, safety, Title VI and related requirements, outreach and public participation, and travel demand modeling/data.  Specific efforts highlighted include:

  • Clean Fuels Coalition and its recent Dept. of Energy designation
  • Yield to Life-Slow Your Roll bicycle/pedestrian safety campaign in St. Augustine
  • Engaging youth through the Future City competition in the 2040 long-range transportation planning process
  • Funding 22 wind sensors on area bridges critical during weather situations
  • Expanded Blue Toad program to monitor real time travel time and origin/destination estimations 

The review team held a public meeting to obtain comments on the certification.  They reported that, “These public comments are an important element of the certification review, as they provide citizens direct input on the transportation planning process for the TPO’s area.  The comments received during the public meeting were complimentary with the most common themes relaying a message of cooperation and coordination on behalf of the North Florida TPO staff.” 

Read the Federal Certification Report