Apr 30, 2014

Transportation Improvement Program Public Meeting

The TPO is holding a public meeting for the FY2014/15 through 2018/19 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) May 28, 6-7 PM in the TPO Board Room, 1022 Prudential Drive.  The draft Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for FY2014/15 through 2018/19 is available for review and comment.  The TIP schedules funding for roadways, transit, air and seaport, bicycle and pedestrian improvements, detailing the funding and progression of these projects through study, design, right-of-way, utilities and construction over a five-year period.  This draft TIP includes approximately $2.4 billion in projects.

Please submit comments to Wanda Forrest prior to planned adoption on June 10, 2014.