Education and Outreach

As the host agency for the North Florida Clean Fuels Coalition, the TPO hosts the Alternative Fuel Vehicles Expo every two years and an annual Drive Electric Rally.  We also conduct educational events on clean fuels topics throughout the year.


Guided by our Alternative Fuels Master Plan, we make strategic investments to advance the use of alternative fuels and reduce petroleum consumption in the region.

St. Johns County CNG Conversion

Nopetro built a new CNG facility on State Road 16 east of I-95 for St. Johns County to fuel vehicles that have been converted to run on CNG. The station is available to other CNG vehicles as well. The North Florida TPO provided $732,000 to purchase mid-duty bi-fuel CNG fleet vehicles.

Update February 2017:

  • 108 County vehicles operating on CNG
  • 127,496 GGEs total station output
  • 48,418 GGEs St. Johns County vehicles
  • 79,078 GGEs third party sales

image of CNG fuel pump

Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) CNG Conversion

The North Florida TPO provided JTA with $2.75 million to help construct CNG stations to serve the JTA fleet and the public. 

Update February 2017:

  • JTA procured 46 CNG buses and has 23 on order for delivery early FY 2018
  • Plan for FY 2019 and FY2020 is to procure another 36 CNG buses
  • To date have used  442,908 DGEs and forecast using over 1M DGEs annually starting FY 2019
  • Public CNG station sold 23,769 DGEs since opening

image of JTA CNG station

Florida East Coast Railway Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Pilot Project

FEC purchased four new locomotives with LNG kits and two fuel cars with $375,000 from the North Florida TPO. Hub operations including training and maintenance take place in Northeast Florida with the test route running between Jacksonville and New Smyrna.

Update February 2017:

  • 13 locomotives converted to LNG with 11 additional to be converted by June 2017
  • Completed over 450 trips and 150,000 route miles

image of FEC locomotive

Regional Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

In partnership with the JEA, the North Florida TPO funded the purchase and installation of 25 EV charging stations.  Visit the ChargeWell page to learn more.

Update February 2017:

  • 1,242 EV's registered in Northeast Florida
  • ChargeWell stations are up to nearly 400 charging sessions and 3,000 kWh per month 
  • ChargeWell users avoided 16 tons of CO2 to date 
  • Additional locations are in development

image of EV charging station at North Florida TPO

City of Jacksonville Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Sanitation Trucks

The City of Jacksonville received TPO Clean Fuels funding to cover CNG equipment costs for up to seven new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) sanitation trucks. This represents the City’s first efforts to convert their fleet to alternative fuels.

image of sanitation trucks fueling