Have you considered sharing the ride to work?  Our Cool to Pool program makes it easy!

Cool to Pool

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If you would like a custom Cool to Pool rideshare program for your organization, please contact Elizabeth DeJesus at (904) 306-7505.

You don’t need a car full of strangers to form a carpool.

All you need is one other person who shares your general trip route and work schedule. We can help you find that person.

Concerned about privacy?

So are we. Match lists are distributed with the phone number you choose to provide and work address only. All personal information such as home address is confidential and is only used by the North Florida TPO Commuter Services Program. After you complete the simple commute profile, you can request a list of possible carpool partners from the Cool to Pool commuter matching database. You’ll only see a person’s name, the phone number they choose to provide, and work address.

Already carpooling?

If you’re already carpooling to work three days a week, registration will enable you to qualify for our free Emergency Ride Home program and other benefits.

You won't be stranded with our Emergency Ride Home benefit.

Register with us if you carpool, vanpool, bike or walk from home to work at least three days per week and live and work in Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau or St. Johns County. We’ll provide up to four free emergency taxi rides to your car or home per year.  If taxi service is not available, we will provide a rental car.

What’s considered an emergency?

  • Personal or family illness or emergency
  • Carpool or vanpool driver having to leave early or stay late unexpectedly (vanpool driver is required to leave keys with designated secondary driver)
  • Unscheduled overtime approved by a manager
  • Your bicycle breaks down more than two miles from home
  • Inclement weather (precipitation, extreme heat or high winds) at the close of the business day  (walkers and bike riders only)


Frequently Asked Questions

Save Money
Saves money on gas, parking, and wear and tear on your car

Reduce Stress
Reduces stress since you don’t have to drive every day

Help the Environment
Helps the environment with less gas consumption and CO2 emissions

Have more fun
Riding with a coworker makes commuting more fun

Lessen Congestion
Lessens congestion on the roads and in parking areas