Automated Vehicles

It's not just about self-driving cars.

These emerging technologies will enable cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles to communicate with each other and with traffic signals, work zones, school zones and roadside devices.  The information communicated does not identify the driver or vehicle, and technical controls prevent vehicle tracking and tampering with the system.  Some of these features are already available in certain car models.

Learn More About Automated and Connected Vehicles in these Short Videos:

Automated and connected vehicle technology will provide many benefits including:

  • Significant reduction in highway crashes
  • Travelers having continual access to accurate travel time information about mode choice and route options, and the potential environmental impacts of their choices
  • Vehicles talking to traffic signals to eliminate unnecessary stops and help drivers operate vehicles for optimal fuel efficiency.
  • Traffic managers having data to accurately assess transportation system performance and actively manage the system in real time, for optimal performance

Learn more at the U.S. DOT Research and Innovative Technology Administration’s ITS Joint Program Office .