ITS devices help collect and share information to keep you moving safely along our roadways.

Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV)

Closed Circuit Television Cameras along interstates and major roadways give TMC operators live views of traffic conditions. Operators can spot incidents as they happen, coordinate emergency response and assistance as needed and program incident information for dissemination on message signs and the FL511 system. 

image of camera

Dynamic Message Signs

Dynamic Message Signs give motorists information on traffic conditions, travel times, warnings and alerts. Safety messages or typical travel times are posted when the highway is incident-free. 

image of dynamic message sign

Traffic Signal Controllers

Traffic Signal Controllers allow signals to react in real-time to changing traffic volumes, work in concert with adjacent signals and capture data for analysis, so traffic can be managed more effectively. 

image of traffic signal controller

Vehicle Detection Sensors

Vehicle Detection Sensors use microwave radar to measure the volume and speed of vehicles and inform operators of traffic backups. This enables operators to post delay information on message signs, and redirect cameras to investigate if the cause of congestion is not evident. 

image of vehicle detection sensor

Blue TOAD Sensors

Blue TOAD Sensors (Travel Origin And Destination) provide travel time, roadway speed and origin/destination data through Bluetooth devices that recognize cell phone signals in passing vehicles. 

image of blue toad sensor

Wind Sensors

Wind Sensors provide law enforcement and TMC operators information on dangerous weather conditions that can affect travel safety. 

image of wind sensor


511 is a free phone and web service providing real-time information on traffic conditions and incidents 24/7. TMC operators update the phone and web systems as traffic conditions change.

image of person dialing 511 on cell phone