Traffic Incident Management (TIM) involves coordinating responders across many organizations.

Law enforcement, fire/rescue, towing, road maintenance and the RTMC staff work together to save lives and reduce congestion. The North Florida TPO provides funding and training support for the region's TIM efforts. 

Road Rangers

The TPO is proud to provide funding assistance to Road Rangers who play a critical role in preventing, managing and clearing traffic crashes. In addition to assisting disabled motorists, they help other first responders at crashes with securing the scene and directing traffic. This enables fire/rescue personnel and law enforcement to focus on saving lives and investigating accidents.

image of road ranger truck on side of highway

Road Rangers operate from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Their service area includes:

  • I-10 from San Marco Blvd to SR 200 (US 301)
  • I-295 East Beltway from San Jose Blvd to I-295 West Beltway at Normandy Blvd
  • I-295 West Beltway from Normandy Blvd to Main St
  • I-95 from Pecan Park Rd to San Marco Blvd
  • I-95 from Stockton St to Old St Augustine Rd
  • JTB from Philips Highway to AIA
  • I-295 East Beltway from Duval Road to JTB
  • I-295 East Beltway from JTB to US 17 (across Buckman Bridge)

Dial * FHP (* 347) for Road Ranger Dispatch


The North Florida TPO partnered with law enforcement, fire rescue, transportation agencies and Road Rangers in our region to create the TIMe4Safety training program which reminds responders about safety at the scene of traffic crashes. The TIMe4Safety DVD includes five video modules and a Traffic Incident Management Handbook.
Since the fall 2009 release, the training program has been viewed by 30,000 responders in Florida and distributed to responder agencies across the U.S., Canada and Australia.

image of Time$Safety DVD cover

You can view the videos and handbook below. We also have a limited number of DVD’s available by contacting Jeff Sheffield or calling (904) 306-7500.

Learn about the First Coast TIM Team.