North Florida Transportation Planning Organization

Operators use traffic cameras, sensors, signal controllers, dynamic message signs and other field devices to identify problems, manage the system and disseminate information to travelers. The Florida Highway Patrol provides dispatch for 10 state law enforcement agencies from the center. Law enforcement, fire/rescue, Road Rangers, towing, road maintenance and the RTMC staff work together to save lives and reduce congestion.

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Head of operations center standing in front a screen wall

Intelligent Transportation is Getting Smarter

To ensure coordinated planning for these evolving technologies, devices and processes, the North Florida TPO led the formation of the North Florida Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Coalition in 2006 and produced the region’s first ITS Master Plan in 2007. In 2010 the Master Plan was updated to evaluate ITS accomplishments, identify and prioritize ITS needs, and plan for future technologies.

The North Florida TPO and Florida Department of Transportation saw the value of data collection and collaboration for long-term planning as well as real-time traffic management and continued to deploy more advanced devices and coordinate data sharing with the opening of the RTMC in 2015. That same year the U.S. Department of Transportation issued its first Smart City Challenge.

Working with stakeholders across agencies and industries, the TPO developed a Smart Region vision for North Florida in 2016/17. The resulting master plan became the starting point for forming the Smart North Florida Coalition.