North Florida Transportation Planning Organization

Each spring the North Florida TPO updates the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) list of road, transit, airport, seaport, bicycle and pedestrian projects for the next five years.

The TPO is currently developing the TIP for Fiscal Years 2023/2024 through 2027/2028. The TIP identifies all publicly funded highway, transit, port and aviation projects within the North Florida TPO area, which includes Clay, Duval, Nassau, and St. Johns counties.

North Florida TPO staff will deliver individual virtual TIP presentations for Clay, Duval, Nassau and St Johns counties, as well as a regional TIP public meeting. Representatives from FDOT as well as county / city staff will be in attendance to answer questions about projects included in the TIP. Please see the meeting schedule below.

Current Version of Draft 2023/24-2027/28 TIP

Please share your comments in our survey by May 31.

Virtual TIP Meetings

May 4 St. Johns Virtual TIP Meeting Video

May 8 Clay Virtual TIP Meeting Video

May 9 Nassau Virtual TIP Meeting Video

May 11 Duval Virtual TIP Meeting Video

May 17 Regional Virtual TIP Meeting Video

Search the TIP projects for the next five years by agency, type, year, phase, funding or via map.

Interactive TIP Tools

Each year a List of Priority Projects is created to be funded in the new fifth year of the TIP.

2023 Priority Projects