Traffic Counts

The North Florida TPO compiles traffic counts from individual counties and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). 

The counts are average Monday through Friday 24-hour volumes, known as "average annual daily traffic counts" (AADT).  The North Florida TPO makes every effort to provide the traffic counts as accurate information. Since the numbers are re-keyed for our website, please verify accuracy with the respective county since you may base certain assumptions or outcomes on these numbers.

2017 Traffic Counts

2016 Traffic Counts

Do you have a traffic count location map?

The North Florida TPO does not have a traffic count location map for local road traffic counts.  FDOT has an online station location and traffic data viewer.

What if I can't find a location.

The database is in alphanumerical order. Each county generally has two (2) lists: local roads and state roads. However, some years there are no local counts for all counties.  If you can't find the information on any of the lists there may be no traffic count for that location. You can call the county or FDOT at the phone numbers provided below to verify.

Do you have an hour-by-hour report for a specific location? 

The North Florida TPO receives only daily traffic counts from the counties and FDOT. For additional information regarding hour-by-hour reports, please contact the county or FDOT at the phone numbers below.

When are traffic counts available? 

The North Florida TPO receives the traffic count information from FDOT and Clay, Duval, Nassau and St. Johns counties. Counts are usually available during summer or fall of the following calendar year.  The TPO will periodically update these reports as additional counts become available.

Do you have road link status report information? 

The North Florida TPO does not have road link status information. Please call the individual counties to inquire about this report.

Who do I contact for additional information? 

Clay County:  (904) 541-3828

Duval County:  (904) 255-7858

Nassau County:  (904) 491-7330

St Johns County:  (904) 209-0611

FDOT:  1-800-749-2967