Planning & Studies

We conduct planning studies to identify solutions to transportation problems and develop plans to guide action towards those solutions.

Our federally required planning documents are the:

The TPO conducts multiple studies each year.  Current and recent studies are listed below.  Please visit our archive for older studies or contact us if you have questions. 

2016/17 Studies 


2015/16 Studies 

  • Amelia Island Pedestrian and Bicycle Focus Area Study - Final Report      
  • Orange Park Pedestrian and Bicycle Focus Area Study - Final Report
  • JAXPORT Clean Truck Program                                                                                     
  • Regional Freight Logistics Zone                                                                                      
  • Clay County Clean Fuels Alternatives Study                                                                
  • Nassau County Clean Fuels Alternatives Study
  • Ponte Vedra Area Traffic Study - Final Report
  • St. Johns County Transit Development Plan

Recently Completed Studies

Downtown to Beaches Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity Study
Nassau County Transit Study
Riverside/San Marco Bicycle and Pedestrian Focus Area Study
Duval Beaches Bicycle and Pedestrian Focus Area Study
Port of Fernandina Traffic Circulation Study

St. Augustine Truck Parking Study

Summary Brochure


Regional Alternative Fuels Master Plan

Summary Brochure

Arlington Expressway Corridor Study

2040 Long Range Transportation Plan

Summary Brochure


North Florida Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Summary Brochure

St. Augustine Multimodal Transportation Center Feasibility Study
North Florida Freight, Logistics and Intermodal Framework Plan

St. Augustine Mobility Institute

Summary Brochure


Regional Strategic Safety Plan

Summary Brochure

Design Principles for Mobility
Clay Transit Vision Study

Argyle Traffic Study

Summary Brochure